Running is all right, but running for a reason is even better! That’s the reason why, end of August, I’m going to put on again my running shoes and run around the Mont-Blanc. A double objective: a 100 miles mountain race but especially a human adventure.

This year I decided to run differently: not only for myself but to help! I will pin a charity race bib and helping the following charity organization “A chacun son Everest”.

Why I chose this association

I discovered this charity organization in 2015 during another ultra-trail race in Chamonix (CCC). “A chacun son Everst” helps children in remission of cancer to leave better. A week in Chamonix for a double re conquest: physical and psychological. Since 1994, more than 3500 children or adolescents have reached « their Everest »!

The association relies on the strength of the symbolic parallel between the difficulty of ascending a summit and the path to healing. The fight of the child is much more difficult than climbing the Everest or finishing an ultra-trail! He reaches a true Everest, more beautiful, stronger: his Everest. A charity that is close to my own heart.


Few words about the UTMB race


The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, also known as the UTMB is one of the most expected trail-running event for trail-runners from all over the world. This is a 105 miles race which takes place over 46 hours around the footprint of Mont Blanc. It has a total ascent of just under 30,000ft: the height of Everest.


My project

The main objective of this initiative is to raise at least 2 000€ by end of May for this charity organization (75% achieved so far). This amount will be used to pay a one-week internship of a child in remission of cancer.


Different ways to support this project of charity race bib you can:

  • Make a donation using the following link *: Donation Every euros counts!! Let’s try collect at least these 2000€
  • Share this project with your family, colleagues, etc.
  • Send a word of encouragement


* This association is declared « in the public interest » and therefore is authorized to issue donation voucher for declarations leading to tax release


Notes: all fees linked to the race (travel, race bib, etc.) out of my own pocket. (I also managed the UTMB registration and qualifying process).


I need your help to build and carry out this new adventure.


You can follow this adventure on my website at:




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